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Vets Go Wild!

Elephant Relocation - Book now for elephant relocation 2016

Living with Big Cats, Wild Edition

An ideal conservation program for anyone who is looking for an authentic African experience. Live on a game reserve that boasts thousands of wild animals, including all of the Big Five Read more…

Bear Grylls
Survival Academy

Be taught Bear’s extreme survival techniques on ‘the most challenging but empowering survival courses on the planet.’ Read more…

Conservation led
veterinary medicine programme

Interested in a role of veterinary science in African wildlife conservation? We can provide the experience you need. Read more…

Get a hands on experience
with the species of Africa

Involve yourself in the daily running of an animal rehabilitation center in the heart of Africa. Read more…

Behind the scenes
on a game reserve

Involve yourself in all aspects of conservation work & make an important individual contribution to conservation. Read more…

Be part of protecting endangered animals species & their habitats

Preserve the balance between the Masai communities & local endangered species or work to conserve primates. Read more…

Study & achieve FGASA
Field Guide Level 1

Ideal if you’re pursing a career in conservation & committed to increasing your knowledge of marine and wildlife. Read more…

Health Care & Sports
Coaching Volunteering

Make a real difference to the lives & health of people & communities by volunteering. Read more…

Unique & life changing

With a wide range of experiences we’re sure to have something to capture your imagination.
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Aug 16, 2 months ago
Living with Orphaned Rhinos
Make a difference by joining our Living with Orphaned Rhinos program where you will be responsible for hand rearing and rehabilitating baby orphaned rhinos. Volunteers will get a chance to help with rehabilitation work including feeding, treatment ...
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