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Elephants and rhino are waiting – just for you.

Elephants and rhino are waiting – just for you.

Just a little research into a South African gap year will throw up a fair amount of activities in which you can get involved. In fact it is fair to say that in regard to gap years South Africa has it covered when it comes to a multitude of activities. Wildlife conservation gap years, volunteering with animals, sports gap years and or standard backpacking.

There is something so compelling about spending time in South Africa that it is quite hard to describe on paper.
If you are in the planning stages of your gap year and you are looking into a South African adventure then you will be interested to see that there are so many different styles of gap year available in South Africa that your choice may not be as straightforward as you think!

People wishing to give something back can get involved in various volunteering activities, action seekers will be thrilled with the adrenaline sports, and those bitten hard by the travel bug will love the never-ending landscapes that South Africa provides.

South Africa Gap year initiatives are famous for community volunteering programmes, although before you consider going down this route, carefully research the projects you are aiming to become involved with. A fine example is the Kariega Game Reserve where you will be able to take part in volunteer work with animals. Elephants and of course rhino are the main conservation projects here. Highly experienced personnel, who have worked closely with these animals for many years, will involve you in their conservation projects; ensuring that you will feel not only part of the process but also that you are making a highly focused contribution. What more could you want from your gap year?

Travelling around on your South Africa Gap year can be a challenge, considering the distances that need to be covered – South Africa is after all a massive country. That is not necessarily a problem, after all, the journeys can be spectacular and the destinations are definitely worth the effort. The incredible game drives to be had in the south of the country and the many different tribal cultural interactions to be had throughout the nation will be something that will be a lasting memory.

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