Marine Ecotourism & Conservation Programme

Our Marine Ecotourism and Conservation project offers individuals from all over the world the opportunity to experience unique marine related projects in the biodiversity rich environment of the Greater Dyer Island area, Gansbaai, South Africa.

This program will suite anyone who loves  the ocean,  marine wildlife, shark fanatics, whale enthusiasts(seasonally) and people who want to learn more about how Eco-Tourism benefits conservation – especially those who are pursuing a career in Biology or Zoology (Protracted time spent as a volunteers can be used to gain University Credits (subject to credit criteria), and work experience.)

Volunteering on board of vessels from tourism partners, Marine Dynamics Shark Tours and Dyer Island Cruises, offers the chance to gain exposure with various marine species, including but not limited to Great White Sharks, Southern Right Whales(seasonal), Dolphins and many marine bird species such as the endangered African Penguin. Every trip sports a dedicated Marine Biologist(from world wide academic institutions) that guide volunteers, increasing their knowledge of the target species and ecology of the area where they operate during the set trips.

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