Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary and Conservation

Naankuse3Join for a once in a lifetime experience of living and working in the real Africa, and take a hands on role in conservation, rehabilitation and humanitarian work. The Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary and Conservation projects offer people the opportunity from all walks of life to make a lasting and tangible difference to the lives of the vulnerable San community and Namibia’s wildlife, with no previous experience required. The sanctuary is home to a diverse variety of wildlife species. Many of these animals have taken refuge at the sanctuary, having unfortunately come into conflict with humans. These animals are released back into the wild whenever possible, and for those that are too habituated to humans, or injured, the sanctuary provides an opportunity for these animals to thrive in a natural environment, without the threat of persecution. 

We can promise you the experience of a lifetime, as you will assist a world-renowned conservation team in Namibia and gain hands-on experience with various wildlife species! If exposure to the African wildlife is your dream – perhaps even interacting one on one with wildlife – then gap year voluntary work at the Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary will exceed your wildest expectations!

“I have traveled a great deal, and can honestly say this was one of the most amazing experiences in my lifetime. The staff is knowledgeable and dedicated, and the hands-on opportunities to handle animals and to be a part of research and treatment activities are extraordinary. “

Martha Greenberg

“My time here was truly extraordinary. The staff were exciting, friendly and extremely knowledgable. The animals were clearly well-taken care of, and it was really a once in a lifetime opportunity to have the chance to interact with many of them. The organization’s missions and principles are ones I truly believe in, and it is so clear that the animals’ best interest are put first – always. This is an extremely special place, where like-minded staff and volunteers come from across the globe to work with animals (and sometimes San children). If I ever can make the time to return again, I definitely will.”

Rachel Ehrman


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