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Something to read before your gap year project.

Something to read before your gap year project.

So you have made your decision and taken the plunge! You’re off on a gap year to Africa to work with us on animal conservation project. It’s been something you have been looking forward to for years: you’ve chosen your gap year project; you’ve had your inoculations, bought your backpack and booked your seat. But you still have a couple of weeks before you leave and the excitement is really getting to you! What can you do to pass the time and keep you focused on the job ahead? A little light reading should do the trick and there are plenty of old favourites that will whet your appetite for your upcoming gap year adventure…

The Jungle Book.
This absolute classic has been a staple of every child’s bookshelf since 1967. Originally published as a collection of short stories, the author Rudyard Kipling drew his influences from his childhood spent in India. Children and the adults who read to them, all over the world fell in love with jungle boy Mowgli and his band of animal friends. Although on your gap year you probably won’t come across such friends as Baloo and Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, or such scary sneaks as Bagheera, Akela or Shere Khan, whilst working with us you will certainly make the acquaintance of some animals every bit as fascinating.

Born Free.
In 1965 the world was captivated by the movie Born Free in which a lion cub was raised in captivity and then set free into the wild. But long before the movie, the book by Joy Adamson was capturing the hearts of everyone who read the incredibly heart warming story of Elsa the lioness. The tale began when George Adamson, a game ranger and Joy’s husband, shot dead a lioness who charged him. The reasons for the attack became clear when George discovered she had been protecting three cubs. One of them, Elsa, became the heroine of the book and her eventual release back into the wild became a world-first. Hopefully on your gap year you won’t encounter any angry lionesses, but you may have some wonderful opportunities to get up close and personal with the wildlife on your project.
Reading up on animal related stories before you set off on your gap year is an ideal way to get you in the mood. And once you return, you may even be inspired to put pen to paper and create you very own animal classic…


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