Dec 28, 5 years ago

Sri Lanka Elephant Research and Mammal Study

The Saving Elephants by Helping People (SEHP) project of the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society (SLWCS) is one of the longest operating community-based participatory human-elephant conflict resolution projects in the world.

The SLWCS was one of the first organizations in the world to develop an integrated approach to HEC resolution, poverty alleviation and elephant conservation in Sri Lanka. While still continuing to address Human Elephant Conflict (HEC) issues, the SEHP project has evolved into a multi-pronged project consisting of ecological research, capacity building, community development and sustainable development components.

The objectives of SEHP are to develop solutions at the community level to reduce human elephant conflict by integrating science, technology and sustainable development.

“We thank WWE and all the volunteers who came to us through you for their support, which played a large part in us receiving this award.”
– Ravi Corea, President, Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society

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