Jul 29, 4 years ago

Jo Perry: Experience with Vets Go Wild 20/07/2014

Day 3: Jo’s third day started with a lecture from Dr Fowlds about general capture procedures and equipment as well as pharmacology theory. Plans quickly changed as they were called away to assist with another immobilisation and relocation (this…

Jul 29, 4 years ago

Jo Perry: Experience with Vets Go Wild 19/07/2014

Day 2: Jo’s second day started at 6.20am to head towards another part of Amakhala to experience moving groups of Zebra, Red Hartebeest and Blesbok. It was up to Jo and her fellow students to close and secure the capture pen behind the animals, …

Jul 29, 4 years ago

Jo Perry: Experience with Vets Go Wild 18/07/2014

Day 1: Jo Perry has gone to the Amakhala Reserve in South Africa to take part in the Vets Go Wild 2014 course. During her time there, she has written a blog going over each day of her invaluable experience. The course is led by Dr William Fowlds and …

Jul 28, 4 years ago

Jo Perry: Experience with Vets Go Wild 24/07/2014

Day 7: Jo’s seventh day started with a trip down to the Addo Elephant Reserve, which is a South Africa National Park….

May 27, 5 years ago

Take a Gap Year to Save the Rhino

There are few things in the animal kingdom are quite as magnificent as the horn of the rhino, but such magnificence comes at a truly deadly price: The illegal trade in rhino horn has caused the decimation of the world’s rhino population by more tha…

May 20, 5 years ago

Elephant Gap Year – You’ll Never Forget

African elephants are the largest land animals on Earth. They can live for up to 70 years and form close-knit groups that are dominated by a matriarch. They are larger than their Asian cousins and can be identified by bigger ears. These ears radiate …

May 13, 5 years ago

Gap Year Projects Involving Animals.

Often, an added bonus to taking part in one of our many gap year projects is how good it will look on your C.V, especially if you choose to go down the volunteering route. Many employers are looking for something that will set you apart from other ca…

May 7, 5 years ago

How to organise your gap year.

Helping to make certain you are appropriately equipped for your gap year is fundamental before you take a year out. You know, there are certain times in your life when you get the chance to travel, very few as good as the time between finishing schoo…

Apr 24, 5 years ago

Volunteering with animals on Kariega

This is the story of how a quick-thinking kudu tricked his way out of a hyena ambush by losing himself in a herd of zebra. The lone bull greater kudu – which is a large species of antelope – had been drinking at a waterhole when he was su…

Apr 15, 5 years ago

A gap year mystery solved?

Scientists think they know how zebras got their stripes – and the answer is far from black and white. They say that despite usually being thought of as camouflage, the stripes more likely evolved to keep disease-carrying flies at bay. Apparently th…