Dec 28, 6 years ago

Colobus Conservation Monkey Sanctuary

Aide Primate Conservation at our Monkey Sanctuary in Kenya
Do you want to help preserve the future of an endangered species? Now you have a chance to contribute in our primate conservation efforts while working with monkeys in our Kenyan sanctuary.

Worldwide Experience offers the opportunity to volunteer in Kenyas Colobus conservation monkey sanctuary at the Colobus Cottage, where the monkey sanctuary team studies and cares for Colobus monkeys. The Colobus Cottage is set in a coastal forest region in Kenya where volunteers can see the endangered Colobus monkey and species such as baboons, vervets and Sykes monkeys, and learn the characteristics and behaviour of each species.

“This experience for me was amazing. A chance to spend time with my daughter and get hands on experience caring for the monkeys is just mind blowing! Thank you to all the Colobus conservation and Worldwide Experience team for making this possible!”

– Rachel Sinclair

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