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Mantis Founders to Cape Boutique Experience

Join this exclusive tour in support of the Born Free Foundation!

The Mantis Founders to Cape Boutique Experience  is presented by Worldwide Experience, in association with the Born Free Foundation, who we have been partners with since our inception 15 years ago! 

Ten Born Free Supporters will embark on this exclusive experience in celebration of the Born Free Foundation’s partnership with the Mantis Collection.

Enjoy 4 nights at the Founders Lodge by Mantis, followed by three nights in Cape Town and the Winelands. You will be immersed in the story that is the Born Free opening of two Big Cat Sanctuaries at Shamwari Game Reserve, and learn about the work of conservationist, Mr Adrian Gardiner, visionary and founder of Shamwari Game Reserve and the Mantis Collection!

Dates: 29 April – 6 May 2018

Worldwide Experience, established in 2002 by Managing Director Paul Gardiner, is part of the Education division of the Mantis Collection, started by Paul’s father, visionary and conservationist Adrian Gardiner in 2000.  This all came to be after Adrian Gardiner founded the world-renowned Shamwari Game Reserve in 1992. Today, Adrian Gardiner invites guests to enjoy his original game reserve homestead, Founders Lodge…

The Founders Story – “Unearthing a Conservation Legacy”

Shamwari Game Reserve is located in an area that was historically rich in wildlife. Many species were eradicated by means of hunting or indiscriminate farming practices. During the past twenty five years, 25, 000 ha of pristine and agricultural land was consolidated and rehabilitated. Remaining wild animal species were allowed to increase in numbers and species extinct to the region were reintroduced. In 1990, a small 1,200-hectare farm became available and was purchased by Adrian Gardiner. Shortly after, drought and financial difficulties led to a number of neighbouring farmers placing their land on the open market and further land was acquired to a total of 7,000 hectares. Over the course of the next 15 years, Shamwari Game Reserve expanded to 25 000 hectares. Through Adrian Gardiner’s research, it was discovered that the Eastern Cape used to be one of the richest wildlife areas in Africa in terms of biodiversity. In fact, the legendary big 5 were first encountered in the Eastern Cape. Wildlife historians refer to the Cape Buffalo, Cape Leopard, Cape Lion and Cape Hunting Dog (African Wild dog) in their historical documents. The endangered Black Rhino flourished in the Eastern Cape. However, due to hunting, over farming and drought most of these species were eliminated during the 19th century.

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