Masai Mara Big Cat Monitoring & Wildlife Conservation

The Masai Mara is quite possibly Africa’s finest safari destination, most famous for its annual wildebeest and zebra migration which has been called “the greatest wildlife show on earth”. This area has one of the highest densities of carnivores in Africa, as well as supporting a range of endangered species.

This same attraction brings with it human and wildlife conflict as wild species and Masai Livestock can compete for the same resources, with predator’s sometimes killing livestock and the Masai people not always benefiting directly from the tourism or conservation. Like everywhere else in Kenya, the population growth has increased the demand for cultivated land and grazing areas. Occurrences such as Elephants raiding fields and Lions preying on local livestock create tension which can lead to the injuring or killing of these threatened species.

The threats to Mara are diverse and complex, and so are the solutions. As long as Mara remains a valuable source of income for the country, and community participation and benefit is ensured, we are sure to find sustainable solutions for the whole ecosystem.

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