Information for US travelers

Gap Year vs Spring and Summer Breaks

To all our USA followers and supporters, you may or may not be familiar with the term GAP YEAR (the practice of taking time out). During this time, a student might travel, engage in volunteer work overseas or undertake a working holiday abroad), well our company offers students from across the globe the opportunity to come and fulfill their GAP YEARS with us. Although we use the phrase GAP “YEAR” throughout our website, we rarely have students staying with us all year long, many in fact only come and join us for their spring and summer breaks.

During their time spent with us we make certain that they get to experience the most out of life – our programs focus very much on wildlife conservation and community based interaction. Students spend time in remote parts of the world working behind the scenes on important wildlife safari parks (game reserves), or with the local disadvantaged communities that surround these important tracts of land.

Our Venezuelan project includes an opportunity to learn how to speak Spanish. So aside from just fulfilling conservation based work, one get’s the opportunity to learn a new language. Our Sri Lankan project gives you the opportunity to work alongside experts in conservation on an important leopard and elephant research program – these two species are under constant threat and need on-going monitoring, human pressure is having a devastating effect on the wildlife on this small island country.

We hope that this gives you a simplified explanation of what it is we do and we hope that you will join us on one of our UNIQUE AND LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCES.

Activities and programs available to students may include…

The following activities and programs are tailored to individuals traveling with us on their spring and summer breaks.

  • Tracking Africa’s BIG 5 (elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard and lion)
  • Behind the scenes activities on game reserves
  • Sports coaching clinics in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Taking care of rhinos at our Rhino Orphanage in South Africa
  • Asian elephant and leopard research, Sri Lanka
  • Marine project work, South Africa
  • Great White Shark research, South Africa
  • Working with the last remaining rhino in the Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (one of the 7 wonders of the world)
  • Learning how to become a wildlife photographer, South Africa
  • Learning to become a qualified game ranger, South Africa
  • Vets Go Wild, South Africa – this is targeted at vet students and vet nurses and is one of the top courses in the world today


Eco school challenges / Educational trips

Apart from offering individual travelers the opportunity to come on their Spring and Summer breaks with us, we also offer them the opportunity to travel with us in groups. We accept groups on certain of our placements and we tailor special programs for them. The most popular programs include those that incorporate the following:

  • Conservation and community work placements
  • Wildlife research projects
  • Teaching children English and sports coaching
  • Wildlife Photogrpahy courses
  • Vets Go Wild – veterinarian courses for vet students and vet nurses


More on Vets Go Wild

Of all the projects we have on offer, the Vets Go Wild one is probably the more academic of them all. This is targeted at vet and vet nurse students and the program is carefully tailored to their every needs. Many universities allow their students to come on these courses to fulfill their all important Extra Mural Activity (EMS) requirements and we ensure that all these requirements are met. The school has been running for several years now and we are fortunate enough to have one of Africa’s leading vets run these for us.

Dr. William Fowlds is a legend in his own right and he is fast becoming recognized and one of the continents true ambassadors for the endangered rhinos. He has been involved with some incredible rhino work which has been broadcast on MSNBC. Have a look at these two clips featured on MSNBC in the USA:


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

The most recent group to have travelled with us from the USA was Texas A&M. They had had an incredibly rewarding two weeks with William and his trusty team.

William was also the face of a very popular television series which aired on British national TV called Safari Vet School – here’s a short clip about the show:


Strategic alliance partners

Our group has an allegiance with some prolific USA brands. One of these is the legendary Jack Hanna, whose name is synonymous with all things conservation and wildlife related. Jack is a close friend of ours – he has long been an ambassador to our parent company, Mantis and he has travelled with us to many destinations to film his popular television program “Into the Wild” – here’s a clip of some of the shows – some of which were filmed with us in Africa