Vets Go Wild!

If you are looking for a hands-on Africa vet experience and need to fulfill a portion of your Extra Mural Study (EMS) requirements, Vets Go Wild have the perfect animal care courses for you, featuring the opportunity to work with vets in South Africa.

Our 16-day Vets Go Wild module is aimed at students undertaking veterinary and wildlife based programmes at university, providing training in the care of animals at Amakhala Game Reserve and The Addo Elephant National Park both located in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. Animals that you are likely to be working hands on with include Rhino, African Buffalo, Big Cats, Cheetah, Giraffe and more.

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Summer Furniss – 2017:

University of Surrey  

“I have no words to sufficiently explain how amazing this trip has been. I knew I was going to love it, but that doesn’t cover it. All the staff, rangers, vets and nurses have made it all the more special and I can’t thank everyone enough. The procedures were phenomenal and we were so luck to have so many amazing opportunities with awesome species. Thank you!”

Johanne Carter – 2017:

University of Surrey  

“I had an amazing time, thank you so much! I’ll definitely be recommending this trip – I cannot believe all the amazing opportunities and beautiful animals we worked with and my newfound skills and confidence.”

Beth Mahon – 2017:

University of Nottingham   

“Such an incredible 16 days. Every animal I could have dreamed of working to work with. It has been great for both team building and practical skills. I have such amazing memories that I can’t even begin to process yet – the baby rhino was definitely a highlight! I cant put into words how great the friends I’ve made and things we have seen have been and just want to thank you so much for such an incredible opportunity!”

Megan Turner – 2017:

University of Nottingham   

“It really has been an amazing experience. I looked into a lot of placements before picking VGW and this course 100% stands out. To be involved in the whole process for each procedure has been incredible and given us real insight to the problems and risks involved in working in this environment. The responsibility we are given has meant we have learnt a lot more due to the pressure of re juggling plans when things don’t run smoothly. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to come back one day!”

Tiffany Etherington – 2017:

University of Surrey   

“Vets Go Wild was honestly the best two weeks of my life. I cannot thank you Will and Emily enough for all the help and patience when it came to my learning. Africa feels like home to me.”

Emma Dillon – 2017:

University College of Dublin  

“No words can really describe my experience with Vets Go Wild. I had a wonderful time and really do not want to leave. All the staff were amazing and let us do so much. I got to work with all the animals I’ve dreamed of working with. I will definitely be back!”

Michaela Vinales – 2017:

Royal Veterinary College   

“This was the best experience of my life! All the VGW team are living my dream! Even though I was the only SVN, I felt so welcome and was never treated any different. Thank you so much for everything! Hopefully I will see you all soon!! Thank you a million. PS: I cried a lot due to the amazing opportunity and experience.”

Felix Donaldson – 2017:

University of Surrey   

“Amazing experience, would repeat in a heartbeat. Amazing stuff, diverse activities and so much fun, nothing compares.”

Emily Llewellyn – 2017:

Royal Veterinary College   

“I had an amazing time on Vest Go Wild. All staff were lovely, and knowledgeable.”

Dr Rodrigo Rabello – 2017:

Qualified vet – Brazil   

“This experience changed our lives, thank you very much, I hope to see you in Brazil.”

Rebecca Collins – 2017:

Royal Veterinary College   

“I had an amazing time, some of the best moments in my life have happened here – reversing a black rhino was the most exhilarating experience and will never forget it. My group, the people I’ve met and the animals I’ve had the opportunity to see and work with I will never forget about and so glad I’ve got enough photos and videos to remember it all! Thank you to everyone who makes this possible. I can’t wait to come back and will miss everyone. This experience was everything I had hoped for and surpassed all expectations.”

Bruna Brito – 2017:

University in Brazil  

“I just want to thank everybody and say I’m proud and honoured to be a part of the Amakhala family! Loved every minute of my experience! Thank you!”

Daniela Melo – 2017:

University in Columbia  

“The most amazing experience that someone could ever have in the professional and personal way. All the members of the staff always caring about us, for every detail making all days incredible. Thank you very much; I hope I could come back soon! Love being the first Colunbian doing this program of Vets Go Wild.”

Katharine Russell – 2017:

University College of Dublin 

“One of the absolute best experiences of my life. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect two weeks. Vets Go Wild opened my eyes to so much more in this world.”

Soula Richards – 2017:

Qualified vet nurse 

“Will was a very inspirational speaker/mentor who we all looked up to. He always remained calm and I fully trusted him when in a potentially dangerous situation with the animals. The whole team were great!”

Nicole Hartman – 2017:

University of Arizona 

“I had a fantastic experience! I learned so much because Vets Go Wild is very hands on. This is what I want to do with my life and this program gave me a realistic experience. I loved every moment!”

Sally Bartlett – 2017:

Qualified vet nurse 

“This was the most incredible experience of my life and has left me with the best memories which will stay with me forever. Working with Will and his nursing team was fantastic – I found them all very inspiring.”

Charlotte Brookes – 2017:

University of Liverpool

“The most incredible experience. The opportunity to have responsibility over the anaesthesia of a wild animal was incredible. The lectures were really interesting and gave us more confidence in the procedures. Will has an incredible ability to constantly inspire and is a phenomenal teacher with never-ending patience. Can’t forget Uncle Bill’s pub at Amakhala. All staff at Amakhala was incredibly friendly and me feel at home. I don’t want to leave!!!”

Katrina Himpson – 2017:

University of Edinburgh

“I used all the money I had saved over the past few years to come on this programme and I’m so glad I did. It was incredible experience – I learned so much and made friends with a fantastic group of people, both staff and peers. If I was given the option I would quite happily never leave.”

Helen Inzani – 2017:

University of Cambridge

“Vets Go Wild 2017 was a dream come true. The hands-on experience was genuinely invaluable. I’ve wanted to do this course for over 6 years, therefore already had very high expectations – they were easily exceeded. I’ll never forget these 16 days and you can definitely expect to see me back for the internship.”

Lisa Apted:

Cambridge University

“As a veterinary nurse I was lucky to get a position on the course first of all but I ‘m so glad I did. All the things we did and learn has made me want to return again which I hope to do next year. Can’t fault the hands on experience and got to do so much I didn’t want to leave.”

Evie Stickland – 2016:

University of Edinburgh

“Exceeded expectations!!!”

Becki Coverdale – 2016:

Cambridge University

“I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting from the course, but I’ve ended up having the best 16 days of my life. Getting so close to the stunning wildlife in this country, and gaining hands-on experience with species I’d never have imagined, is something I’ll never forget. Everyone helping with the course is so welcoming and knowledgeable. I would recommend this course to anyone.”

Rachel Cummins – 2016:

University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine

“I made my reservation later and everyone was very helpful. I got quick responses with good information. This program was amazing! The lectures go hand in hand with all the hands on experience. I loved all of the procedures.”

Kerry Voice – 2016:

University of Edinburgh

“This trip was absolutely fantastic and I had the most amazing time. Wouldn’t change a thing and would do it all again in a heartbeat.”

Vanessa Nokes – 2016:

University of Edinburgh

“The course surpassed my expectations for how hands on we got and how much responsibility we were given”

Anjali Naik – 2016:

University of Liverpool

“Amazing experience, brilliant hands on work. Would love to come again!”

Shelley Mildon:

Vet nurse

“The time I spent in South Africa at Vets Go Wild was the best two weeks of my life. I learnt so much and made some special friends. It is an experience I will never forget and a place that I know I will visit again.”

Jennifer Meredith:

The Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital University of Cambridge endorsement

Re: Vets go Wild by Worldwide Experience:

“For the last 7 years, I have organised groups of Cambridge University clinical veterinary students to go on one of the Vets go Wild courses. These are so professionally run that in my opinion they are second to none. As quoted on the website the course genuinely gives a ‘unique and life changing experience’. Our students stretch themselves in their academic knowledge but also have an incredible opportunity to have ‘hands-on’ exposure with wild animals in their natural surroundings, gaining clinical experience which is unmatched anywhere else.

The Course is officially recognised as Extra Mural Study by the University and counts towards the students’ compulsory 26 weeks in this regard.
I recommend this course wholeheartedly, without any reservations.

If can help more in anyway at all please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Best wishes,

Dr Nicola Holdstock

BA., MA., Vet.MB., Cert.EM.(Stud Med), LVI., FHEA., PhD., Dipl.ECEIM., MRCVS
European Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine & RCVS Specialist in Equine Stud Medicine

TESTIMONIALS – Vets Go Wild Impact
Shelley Mildon – 2017:

Qualified vet nurse, return VGW participant 

“I used all the money I had saved over the past few years to come on this programme and I’m so glad I did. It was incredible experience – I learned so much and made friends with a fantastic group of people, both staff and peers. If I was given the option I would quite happily never leave.”

Holly Dyson – 2017:

University of Bristol 

“This course was worth every penny and I didn’t stop smiling for 12 days. I would happily return again and again!”

Eliza Talbot-Williams – 2017:

University of Bristol 

“An amazing course – one I shall never forget. Made some friends for life and learnt so much about your beautiful reserve, conservation, humanity and myself. Thanks so much to everyone involved – you are all incredible!”

Charlotte Barrett-Hague – 2017:

University of Cambridge 

“An amazing chance to explore a whole new side of veterinary medicine but beyond that this course changed me for the better, making me look at the world we share more closely and want to shoulder more responsibility. This has been an incredible experience, I didn’t realise how emotional I was going to be. Thank you – I hope we meet again.”

Rebecca Muller – 2017:

University of Cambridge 

“Amazing experience that will provide lifelong memories, fantastic to work with so many different species in their natural habitat and to learn so much in the process. Everyone is friendly and engaging and made lots of new friends.”

Laura Dawson – 2017:

University of Nottingham

“Amazing experience. Life lessons learnt not just work experience. This place has been a dream and I will treasure the memories, people, animals and scenery forever!”

Hannah Hussain – 2017:

University of Cambridge

“Thank you so much to everyone involved in Vets Go Wild Impact course. Our guides were brilliant, interesting and very knowledgeable, the staff were extremely kind and helpful and the vet team were fantastic teachers and supported us through every experience. I have had some of the best days of my life in the last 12 days, and really hope I’ll get to come back someday.”


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