Worldwide Experience Video Channel

Worldwide Experience, an introduction

Worldwide Experience offers volunteers, school and university student groups and veterinarian students the opportunity to venture down to Southern Africa to work behind the scenes of some of the most incredible game reserves – they also send individuals and groups to Kenya. Beyond Africa we have conservation projects in Venezuela and Sri Lanka. Come and join the experts for a life enriching experience. Worldwide Experience is also in partnership the legendary survival expert, Bear Grylls – together they operate the Bear Grylls Survival Academy.

Vets Go Wild! with Dr William Fowlds in South Africa

Calling all vet students, vets and vet nurses! Work alongside Dr William Fowlds working hands on with wildlife species that could include Rhino, African Buffalo, Big Cats, Cheetah, Giraffe and more! If you are looking for a hands-on Africa vet experience and need to fulfill a portion of your Extra Mural Study (EMS) requirements, Vets Go Wild have the perfect animal care courses for you, featuring the opportunity to work with vets in South Africa.

Elephant Relocation Operation in 2016

In August 2016, ten elephants were relocated from a private game reserve to a new home in national parks in Zimbabwe. Volunteers joined our Victoria Falls Conservation Programme, Nakavango for this once in a lifetime experience! Thank you to volunteer, Celine for the use of this video, and to all the volunteers who helped ensure such a successful relocation of these gentle giants!

Living with Orphaned Rhinos

Have you ever wondered what happens to rhino calves who’s mothers have been killed by poachers? The rate of rhino poaching in South Africa is rapidly escalating, leaving behind many orphaned calves. This has created a real need for a facility that provides specialist care for the traumatized and injured infant rhinos. The Living with Orphaned Rhino program allows you to do just that! As a volunteer you will focus on hand rearing, veterinary care, nutrition and the rehabilitation of rhino calves whose mothers have been killed by poachers.

Volunteer interview: Living with Orphaned Rhinos

You can help make a difference with us, for these animals who have been through so much. It’s tough work, and being with orphaned baby rhinos can be a bit heartbreaking, but it’s worth it. You will be making a real impact!

Living with Big Cats – Wild Edition!

An incredible volunteering experience on a game reserve in the “Lowveld” region of South Africa, close to the infamous Kruger National Park! Join our dedicated team at the game reserve as they conduct valuable wildlife research and contribute to the conservation of the area. Our facility was established to provide dedicated assistance with information and data collection to partnered conservation areas to enable the best decisions for the welfare of the animals.

Volunteer with wildlife in Sri Lanka

As a conservation volunteer in Sri Lanka you will help and assist with the ongoing projects such as elephant research, Socio-economic Surveys And Alternative Agriculture Program Monitoring, Biodiversity Surveys, farming and GIS mapping.

Volunteer with wildlife in Africa – Kariega Game Reserve

The Kariega Conservation Volunteer Programme gives volunteers from across the globe the opportunity to get hands-on involved in conservation managements on a Big 5 game reserve in South Africa. If you are keen to experience something more than just a safari, watch this video, and see what could be in store for you when you join the Kariega Conservation Volunteer Programme.

Hippo kills kudu

Footage filmed on one of our placements in South Africa of a kudu being killed by a hippo after it was chased into a lake by a pack of wild dogs.

Worldwide Experience Game Ranger School

The latest video all about Worldwide Experience’s ranger training facility in South Africa’s Eastern Cape!

An introduction to Worldwide Experience’s ranger training facility in South Africa’s Eastern Cape.

Nakavango Conservation Program

An introduction to Worldwide Experience’s new volunteer conservation and community program in the Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Nakavango, located at the Stanley & Livingstone Private Game Reserve just ten minutes from the Victoria Falls! This is one of Africa’s leading conservation programmes located in one of the most scenic parts of the world.